In for the long haul

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything, however many things have happened. As for the chicken run, that was completed, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to document the last part of… Continue reading

Chickens part 7

First major wound of the project today! I always spill blood some how when doing a project, I think my body/mind considers it a ritual to bless its long life (not mine however.)… Continue reading

Chickens part 6

Rain dissolved and blue skies ahead, this is turning into a miracle few days ahead for the UK. When it comes to screwing things together (no innuendo intended) you need to make sure… Continue reading

Chickens part 5

Blading a chicken run is simple, proving you have: all the right tools; all of the supplies ready; all the help you can get your hands on and some forethought about it all.… Continue reading

Chickens part 4

No they are settled, I’m looking at experimenting with 2 things: bedding/flooring and food. What’s the best combo? What makes it easy to keep it clean? What will keep the. Mess and waste… Continue reading

Chickens part 3

Chickens, chickens and more blasted chickens! Apparently, you can’t go out and just buy a chicken. Well, you can, but then where do you go? What breed do you want? Do you want… Continue reading

Chickens part 2

So far, I’ve bought a coop and have 3 birds. Both required lots of research and trying to find cheap (personally I try to go for a 3rd of the in store price,… Continue reading