Learning to care for chickens

Being a person who loves to learn new things, my wife suggested that we obtain some chickens as it would save us money on eggs and latter on, chicken. I thought that this sounded great, looking after birds can’t be too bad, we’ve had rats and I like challenges. Little did I know…


Apparently there’s a shopping list of everything they need:
-Coop: to sleep and lay eggs in.
-Run: to run around in and to defecate.
– Food: not just 1 type but 3 types and depends on how old they are.
-Bedding: to sleep in/n and defecate in even more!
-Water: easy, buy a bucket…apparently not.
-feed stations: to store all the types of food.
-Egg holders: many types, but egg boxes and trays are good.

That’s just what I know of so far…not so simple.