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Thinglink(app)(android) is a useful tool for making any image interactive and engaging. You provide the image and then you can place hyperlinks in different areas, so that when you hover over them with… Continue reading

A new hope…hopefully.

Shhhh, no-one at work knows, other than all of the staff, but otherwise, the really important people don’t know (by that I mean the pupils.) Success! I have recently been appointed a new… Continue reading


Bubbli (app) is an app that turns any ios camera into a spherical capturing machine. After a bit of practice, it is very easy and quick to create (just remember to revolve around the… Continue reading

Flipped debate with Audioboom evidence.

Previously with my year 8 class, we delved into the realm of debating. Exploring the purpose and need of rules; how to research and prepare for debates; what topics are good to debate… Continue reading


Vimeo (app) is fantastic for 3 main reasons: 1) You can store all of your videos on it and not use up any space elsewhere. 2) you can lock it down so it is… Continue reading

Nuclear weapons, Debates and Padlet

This week I have mostly been working with with my year 8s. All seem to have grasped the essentials of the site (better than year 5, who are meant to be more… Continue reading