Apps, Sites and Links

So far, I have the following links to the sites that have been used. These may be categorised by subject, but they are by no means limited to that subject if you use it in the right way.

Anything with (app) next to it, means there is a separate iOS app (Apple) to the website – all of these links are for iOS only unless there is a specific link which states (android).


Padlet, for sharing information and discussing ideas. Thinglink (App)(Android), for highlighting specific areas on images and providing links to explore. Audioboom (app)(Android), to record and publish memorable phrases sayings and speeches almost instantly. Photobucket (app) (android), good place to store images for free, without taking up space. WordPress (app) (android), where else can you begin a blog? Accelerated Reader (Star Test, Quizzing app), the best comprehensive reading system out there, makes such a difference after stickering all the books. Socrative (Teacher app (android), Student app (android)), generate instant assessment information, create quizzes and question your students knowledge. Animoto (app)(android), for creating short and fun slide show videos. Vimeo (app) (android) an excellent and safe place to store videos and create individual channels. QR code generator, great for creating interactive links to sites – you do need a QR Reader (app) (android) on your device though. Bubbli (app) a 360 degree sphere image which you can explore – it also moves as you move your device.






I.C.T. (aka programming!)

EaT (aka R.E.)





Copyright Free Sites

This is a short list of sites you can acquire images and other media files from which come without copyright (or so they say,) which means less chance of infringing someone else’s work without their permission.