Me, myself and me again.

I’m a born again student, always wanting to learn new things and about anything and everything. So far I have been through education to a post graduate level and am now a qualified English Teacher (2 years  nearly 4 years so far.)

My problem is I lose focus and never become an expert in anything, just moderately good. I am now trying to track and share my knowledge, not just with my students, but with anyone who also wants to learn about the things I learn or have had similar issues/experiences.

Any suggestions of areas to explore, please let me know. I will also be discussing previous experiments and experiences as well as new ones, just to track my own knowledge and skills.

Update 2015: I am just about to start a new teaching role in a new school – the focus is something I have worked with before, but not on such a specialist scale: Autism. I will be working with a fantastic department and will be learning all sorts of new things and be able to trial my many interests in lessons.