This week I have been exploring the realm of PadletThis is a very versatile website (I know we want to look at Apps, but this is a great start and links nicely to blogging)  in which pupils can live share ideas, research, files, images and demonstrate their understanding of the task given to them.

You can: change the background; make it so no one can see what has been written until you want them to; organise the notes neatly or in a specified manner; add links to almost anything and even change the web address to something that you can actually remember!

In this case, my class trialed the Padlet site and discovered it to be great, but also tricky, when using the iPads. They found that the typing aspect could be sensitive, meaning they made a lot of mistaken posts – which are easy to remove and sort into a more logical order.

After the first task, the class began to understand how the application worked and so I have set up a follow up task (to practice and reinforce what they already know) in which they will submit their favourite poem with a link to an online version of it. I have also requested for them to link videos, images, articles and anything else they feel is relevant to their poem.

I am hopeful that from this they will begin to share ideas and see what each other likes and can physically interact with each others choices.

Below is a demonstration of this app being embeded into a blog – which is really simple and is explained on the Padlet website or here in Youtube format.

There are so many uses for this simple tool…here’s a site if you’re stuck for ideas.



Update: Turns out, strips iframes (embeded things like Padlet) from your blog, but there is a way around it, here, by using flash; which I am going to experiment with in order to counter this annoying feature.

Update 2: Unfortunately the above does not work what so ever. Having tried and failing, I have come to the conclusion that Padlet will only work if you are not using a free wordpress account.


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