A new hope…hopefully.

Shhhh, no-one at work knows, other than all of the staff, but otherwise, the really important people don’t know (by that I mean the pupils.)

Success! I have recently been appointed a new position in a brand new school and so have taken back up the blog – the job entails more research and theory work, followed by practice in the work place, but it means more useful time at home, so here we go again!

Over the next few posts I will be updating you on everything I have been doing with my current (soon to be old) place of work and hopefully keeping as much information as I possibly can, in one place. In this case it will be all the work I have done with iPads in education and the purpose behind blogging – helping kids realise their word is worthy of the world! all they have to do is think carefully before they write and show the world how amazing they really are.

Again, I shall be using my natural talent for mischief and work avoidance to actually do my work.

Now to boldly go where no #Polymathpleb has gone before…live long and prosper dear friends and colleagues and beware of the Tribbles I left in my cupboard, right next to the bowl of food!