Bubbli (app) is an app that turns any ios camera into a spherical capturing machine. After a bit of practice, it is very easy and quick to create (just remember to revolve around the camera, not yourself!) The slightly technical bit is the embedding aspect, but Bubbli (app) will send you an email or you can send a link through an email to yourself, then when it loads up in your web browser, simply click the icon in the top right hand corner that looks like the symbol for men (the one with the arrow) and another box pops up, offering you the embed code. Finally, start a new blog post and paste that code in. Voila! you have a bubble to explore

It has been an interesting experiment so far. I have found flaws and perks to it – mainly that if people move and you go back over the image, it creates some very strange optical illusions. However, my mind is racing with he possibilities that this app could have for example: creating a murder mystery scene, where the pupils can explore the surroundings. Bubbli (app) has a large number of pre-made bubbles to explore and is entirely free to use.

So far I have used it for documenting the Zoo trip so that the pupil’s can come back and relieve the experience. As the Bubbli (app) below hows, if people move, it does become distorted. I am hoping to design a lesson around this, possibly maths, where pupils will blue tack questions and answers around a room, then use the Bubbli (app) to capture it; making a more hands on and fun learning experience. Or and English lesson, linked to Louis Sachars’s – Holes, for describing the experience of eing in a deserted area (I do need ot browse the Bubbli (app) catelogue of images for this one.)