Reflecting on the past – chickens part 8.

I’ve finally dredged up the images from when I was building the chicken run, so I thought I might as well update and finish off what I started…More project to follow!

After finally creating the frames and the door (which fitted perfectly, as I mad it 10mm smaller than the frame, giving it a 5mm warpign allowance,) It was time to add the chicen wire. Now this should have been easy, but  I just could not keep it taught. However, it still worked fine.

When it comes to fixing the chicken wire to the wood, there were a few methods suggested: tack it, nail it or staple it. I went for the latter as is was a lot less time consuming and it’s fun!


I had bought a great roll of 4ft chicken wire, 50m long for £35 (check out ebay, best place for this sort of hardware at cheap prices.) Yet again I faced another problem – 4ft is 120cm, my frames were 2m split into 1m halves. So I was left with left overs…come to think of it, this may have been the cause for the lack of tension. For every half, I had to cut off the end of the chicken wire, needless to say, this was a pain and time consuming.

Eventually everything was finished and I began to screw it together…at night. All was well, looked great and then I closed the door to see how it would be for the chickens…


I quite literally, locked myself in the chicken run. I’m sure you can see what went wrong, but I shall enlighten you if you cannot spot my (humorous to my wife) mistake – I hadn’t created a hole to put my hand through in order to open the run form the inside. I added a couple of pieces of wood around the extra piece I added for the latch and cut the chicken wire. out.

Finally, all was complete:

The flooring is wood shavings as saw dust causes respiratory issues (as it does in most animals and no one should ever use it!) and straw was more expensive and doesn’t rot down as easily. I also added a few pieces of timbre at the side to block up the gaps and make it look prettier. There is also a roof, which is clear corrugated plastic, with guttering on the side, but I can’t find any more images of that.


To all of those who want to build their own run…go for it! This cost around £270 to build, and took about 3 days of actual building. If bought from a company, it would have cost £2-3,000. The flooring in this case costs £10 for 25kg of wood shavings, which lasts about 6-12months and can be used inside the coop as flooring.