In for the long haul

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything, however many things have happened.

As for the chicken run, that was completed, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to document the last part of the build. However, my new project is under way…

The Allotment!
I now have an amazing chance to save money and eat what I like, when I can. An allotment is an excellent investment for anyone (but you do have to have patience in order to obtain one, the lists are extensive!) everything is fresh and it’s all from your hard work.

As for mine, it’s about 25m in length and 9m wide. It came with a shed (which I re-reoofed) lots of weeds and some bushes/trees.

The plan is to transform it into a food producing machine within a year or two, any longer and the weeds will have too much time to come back and ravish all the hard work put in.

I’ve thought about the layout and how to rotate the crops: 3 beds or 5.

I’ve gone for 5 as this will reduce the amount of repetitive crops filling the soil with diseases and will help put the right amount of nutrients in for the next year’s crop. Hopefully, after 5 years, each crop will have been in each bed once and then they should be perfect.


First thing’s first…tools.

What will I actually need and what will be superfluous to needs – what will just be fun to have as they sound/look great on the tool rack?