Chickens part 6

Rain dissolved and blue skies ahead, this is turning into a miracle few days ahead for the UK.

When it comes to screwing things together (no innuendo intended) you need to make sure you have a hole to screw first (take this seriously…) according to many building forums and discussions with my own uncle (an ex roofer) drilling a hole allows for the screws to pull the wood together better and also reduces the chance of splitting the wood. But, you do have to make sure that the hole isn’t too big or too small. The drill bit should be the same size as the stem on your screw ( the bit without the spiral metal.)

This has been a real pain, as I have 1 drill, so I have had to swap bits a lot! I was using a 3mm drill bit with the decking screws.

With each corner I added a diagonal support strut, to reinforce the shape and reduce the chance of bending and breaking. Each of my corners looked like:


Eventually, it should all look like this:


Side pieces created first, means that (hopefully) I can measure the distance accurately and mot make a mistake.

Chicken meanwhile are happily grazing Athens of the garden.

Jobs for tomorrow: wear gloves, build a door, build the end, piece it all together!