Chickens part 2

So far, I’ve bought a coop and have 3 birds. Both required lots of research and trying to find cheap (personally I try to go for a 3rd of the in store price, as everywhere else is cheaper than the mass market stores)

This is technically an old post, but it didn’t publish for some reason.

Chicken coops are a tricky thing to buy as you need to know the amount of birds, the space you have and how you are going to use them in the future. In our case, we needed it to be big enough for 3-5 birds to start off with and it had to have a run for the chickens to graze.

I did consider building my own, but I didn’t feel that I would make it sufficiently appropriate for the chickens and so hunted down a nice hut. Chicken huts need the following things:

-nesting box: so they can snuggle down and square their delight at laying a benign featum.
-roosting space: 70mm (1 1/2″) thick perches, rounded corners, so as not to damage the chickens feet and the give them a large enough surface to grip and sleep on.
-Lots of doors: to scoop out chickens, access eggs, let air circulate and to be useful when cleaning.
-Locks: need to be everywhere possible, to stops animals getting in and out (also children!)
-Dirt tray: for poop and defecation (if they don’t do it everywhere else)
-Size/area: needs to be big enough to hold all your birds, they will snuggle up and squish together, but they’ve do need to be able to turn around and keep warm.

For good, affordable and reliable coops and runs chicken coops and houses is the best site. I went for the: Cube 75 – 6/9 birds. Perfect amount of space, came with a run and filled all my criteria, plus allows for more chickens later on.


To make it better for the time being, I’ve added some slabs below the coop, this will stop an animals going directly under the main coop and the bricks level it off. (Clear the ground, empty a few bags of stones, then coarse sand on top- this will act as drainage and will keep it level; no cement needed)

So, coop ready, now to find the chooks!